About Us

We are 3rd generation of the family which started rug trading in 1938 in the rich carpet producing city of Tabriz in Iran.

The business was started by the current owner’s grandfather, later in 1955 the family moved to Tehran where the current owners father opened his carpet showroom in The Tehran Great Rug Bazaar. At 20,000m2 in size and with over 20,000 vendors, the Grand Bazaar is the largest market of its type anywhere in the world.

The main line of business has always been exporting top quality handmade Iranian carpets to Europe and the USA. My grandfather was one of the pioneers of the trade where he used to export most of his carpets to Hamburg which was the gateway to Europe and the USA.

It was fascinating to me as a young boy to sit on piles of carpets and listen to the conversations between my father and his associates. I think the advice my father used to give his customers was based on a sense of responsibility, he used to say “its the name you leave behind”.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of Persian carpets and always enjoyed helping customers learn more about the traditional art of carpet making.   I am also determined to continue my family tradition of honesty and integrity in business.

Our Persian carpets are all sourced and selected by our own agents in Tehran, Tabriz, Mashad, Kashan, Sarog, Isfahan and Shiraz. After careful examination the carpets are washed and cleaned and shipped to our UK storage.